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Contact us today! Lincoln Amphitheatre is a majestic 1,500-seat venue and is one of the largest fully covered amphitheaters in the United States. We are located conveniently just off Interstate 64, halfway between Evansville, IN, and Louisville, KY, within Lincoln State Park in Lincoln City, IN, the boyhood home of Abraham Lincoln. 

The venue, a crown jewel for live outdoor entertainment and events in southern Indiana, has been under the management of the Indiana Destination Development Corporation since 2015.

15032 E. CR 1500, Lincoln City, IN, 47552, US

Lincoln Amphitheatre live play performance with a group of 6 actors on stage.
Lincoln Amphitheatre Bluegrass performance with a guy dressed up like a mummy in a red feathered boa playing the saxaphone.
Lincoln Amphitheatre standup comedian performing on stage.
Lincoln Amphitheatre Bluegrass performance with 4 men playing instruments and singing.


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